5 Socially Responsible Companies in Colorado Springs

5 Socially Responsible Companies in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a city located at the eastern foot of the Southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Military, the High-Tech industry and tourism have traditionally been the major drivers of the economy but the service sector has recently been on a meteoric rise. Colorado Springs has always been viewed as one of the most innovative cities in the United States and it is estimated that in every three days, a new startup company is born in this city. Besides, this same city in which Nicola Tesla carried out his experiments has scored some major firsts such as the development of the first floppy disk and the birth of the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology. In line with this rich history and industrial culture, Colorado Springs is home to several companies which do not just compete with the best in the world but also generously give back to the society. Below is a list of some of them:


Founded in 1967 by Gil Johnson, it has grown into a huge company worth $ 7 billion. Some of its amazing works include The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the U.S Olympic Commitee Headquarters. These works serve as its silent endorsements as seen by the high number of repeat clients( 90% of its completed projects). It has a company funded scholarship for the current employee’s children and supports tens of local, national and global charities. Colorado Springs Business Journal named it among the best places to work in and its CEO scooped the best boss award in the 2013 edition.


Following the 2012 Colorado forest fires, a group of designers, printers and marketers came together and pooled their skills to design, print and market stylish products to raise money for the wildfire relief effort. A whooping $ 300,000 was raised at the height of their campaign in just a week! It continues to support the wildfire relief and all the profits are channeled to charity.  Here is how this company got started.


This company formed in 2012 specialises in designing and developing bicycles with oversized tires that can survive unstable and soft terrains. It donates bicycles to non-profit organisations that distribute relief help and carry out disaster recovery missions in Africa.


This is a beer company formed in 1994 whose products have gained a lot of popularity over the years. It was instrumental in the setting up of the Ivywild School which serves as a multipurpose community space for the people of Colorado Springs.


This is a community work space where entrepreneurs, small businesses and creative people go to get their work done at a daily fee of only $15 and an even cheaper monthly membership programme. With regards tp year events held to motivate these people new ideas are born and the zeal for greater achievement attained. This could be one of the reasons behind the increasing startup companies.