The 5 Coolest Businesses in Denver

The 5 Coolest Businesses in Denver

Not only are the residents of Denver pretty cool, there are some really interesting businesses that are in Denver as well.  The locals have brought some creativity to the local restaurant, retail and service industries.  The laid back attitude is definitely reflected in the business community and no we’re not even talking about the new marijuana industry either.  So let’s have a look at the 5 coolest businesses in Denver.

  1. Brown Palace Hotel

Not only has this extraordinary hotel been a downtown landmark since 1892, it has an incredibly beautiful lobby with cathedral ceilings and detailed architecture.  How cool is it to have bee hives on the roof.  The hives produce honey that is used in the kitchens to create some tasty baked goods you can indulge in while having afternoon tea.

  1. EVOO Marketplace

This is the place to score some premium infused specialty olive oils and vinegars.  It would even make Rachel Ray drool just a little bit.  They import olive oil from all over the world but some of the other items like jams, chutney and vinegars are created locally.

  1. Indyink

This is one wicked silkscreen shop!  Inkydink creates original posters, glassware, clothing and whatnot for the local businesses in and around Colorado.  They have a variety of cool designs and images that are available as custom embroidery.  There prints aren’t just dogs playing poker they appeal to the creatives, hipsters, skaters and nerds alike.

  1. Linger

Only in Denver could you get away with putting one of the coolest restaurants in town in a former mortuary.  Yes, the Olinger Mortuary is now a small plate style restaurant that could tease any palette.  The chef/owner Justin Cucci brilliantly created a menu of “global street food” that is meant to connect people through delicious food and different cultures.  You can sample street food from various continents and you have to try the Mongolian BBQ Duck bun or his sweet and tangy shishito peppers with cheddar curds and orange habanero jam.  Are you drooling yet…you should be.

  1. Little Man Ice Cream Shop

This ice cream parlor serves cones from a 28 foot tall cream can, that was inspired by the hot dog shaped stands that you used to find on Coney Island back in the 70’s.  Buying an ice cream cone here is so much more than just a sugary treat, the owner matches every scoop by donating rice or beans to a local community charity.  To date they have donated more than $100,000.  Denver isn’t only laid back and creative it is also a city built on kindness.